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Zero Daily Newsletter: Fun, yet informative, AppSec, bug bounty, and hacker news

Zero Daily Newsletter: Fun, yet informative, AppSec, bug bounty, and hacker news

Read the news every day, and check the usual websites? Want to get your industry news and have a little humor dashed in? With Zero Daily you can have your cake and eat it too: we include links and brief sound bites on some of the top stories in application security, bug bounty, and hacker topics but with a fun and non-markety flair. 

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The Zero Daily newsletter highlights the best hacks, bug reports, and bounties as well as fun tidbits you didn’t know about the world’s top hackers. We've been running a test internally for the past month and a half and have gotten feedback from various other parties as well.

So here’s the scoop on Zero Daily including what it is (and isn’t), when you can expect to receive it, who should subscribe and more (including, what else you should be reading).

What is Zero Daily?

Zero Daily is a newsletter that highlights application security, bug bounty, and hacker focused topics. The content is curated with love by the HackerOne editorial team.

Zero Daily is a text-only, no-frills publication. We don’t spew marketing-isms or toot our own horn too much. It’s just a simple and fun, yet informative, daily newsletter about AppSec topics curated and written with a personality and tone that doesn't make it painful to digest during your morning cup of joe.

The Zero Daily includes information you won’t get anywhere else such as hacktivity perspectives and other inside scoops.  

What content is included?

Content sections include a top story, hacktivity highlights, a tweet of the day, and other articles we’re reading. We have some other fun and interesting ideas that we’ll play with such as top hacker highlights and security team hero profiles, bringing on special guest editors, comics of the week, the best thing we’ve read all month … and the list goes on.

Read today's Zero Daily

You can also read past issues to get a little pre-taste of what's to come.

How often will you send it?

At least to start, the Zero Daily will be sent, well, daily! We figured, you know, it’s not everyday you find a 0-day, but you can get the Zero Daily newsletter into your email inbox on the regular.

These are soundbites, not novels. This is curation, not creation of large swaths of commentary. For other great sources of more in-depth and less frequent coverage, we’ve included a few of our favorite resources in the “what else should I be reading?” section below.  

Who Should Subscribe?

If you like Tron, Sneakers, Hackers, and War Games, you'll like Zero Daily. If you have an interest in application security, love learning about cool hacks and the minds behind them, then you'll like Zero Daily. CISO may be your day job, but secretly you know you love to read a good email and are tired of getting the same ol' same ol' in your inbox - yep, you'll like Zero Daily too. And even CEO's and those around the Board Room conference table can get some good stuff out of Zero Daily.

Essentially, if you're a busy professional that is at all interested in security, you'll like Zero Daily. 

And Brief PSA: We ALL need to be interested in security! 

Just look around at the media outlets and listen to the cocktail conversations at the bar tonight or pay attention to the chatter around the barbecue this weekend while you're at your niece's birthday party. The zeitgeist is sizzling with “hacker” and “cyber security”, and “wikileaks this" and "vault7 that”. 

So don’t be in the dark, get the goods delivered right to you, in an enjoyable and quick read. And if you want to dive deeper into some of the articles, go for it. If you don’t like it and want to unsubscribe - no hard feelings.

This is 100% opt-in, no customer or hacker in our community will automatically receive it. 

To subscribe,  just fill out your info below:

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What else should I be reading?

We’re glad you asked. We get a huge amount of benefit from the following outlets:

Great Newsletters / Podcasts (weekly or monthly)

We even asked our twitter followers what newsletter is their favorite:

Blogs, YouTube channels, or websites we look at frequently:

Please send us feedback

Have other sources you read and love? Let us know. And of course as we pump out these newsletters, please let us know what you think! Like it, love it, can’t live without it, whatever. And, if you ever have a story you think would be good for us to share with our audience, shoot us an email: You can also join the conversation on twitter.  

Written by: Luke Tucker


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