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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

HackerOne is committed to creating an inclusive culture where we build teams, cultivate leaders, and create a company that’s the right fit for every Hackeronie. We are united in our belief that diverse perspectives enable us to innovate and perform better. The privilege of empowering the world to build a safer internet belongs to all. We are working to ensure that as a company, we embody that mission inside and out.


Diverse teams increase creativity, belonging and performance and building those teams takes intention. At HackerOne, we believe our employees, or Hackeronies, should reflect our global presence and we are committed to not only hiring a diverse population of top talent, but also supporting the development of Hackeronies so they can achieve their career goals.

Mission Driven Hiring

Our mission, to empower the world to build a safer internet, is why we come to work every day. We look for candidates who have the same passion for that mission as we do. With alignment to our mission above all else, there is no one “culture fit” because a safer internet benefits everyone


In 2017 our first volunteer employee diversity group was formed. That group has since evolved into H1nclusion and champions inclusion and belonging at HackerOne. In 2020, we have seen the beginnings of our first employee resource groups focused on women, Black employees, and people with disabilities.

Pay Equity Review

Our compensation program is built upon the philosophy of ensuring internal equity as well as local market competitive. This means we have a system that bases pay on the internal value and scope of the job being done and drawing from external job market data.


Just as it’s important to build diverse teams, it is equally important to build an inclusive and diverse work environment. At HackerOne, we strive to provide an environment and culture where every Hackeronie feels supported and empowered to do their best work and achieve their goals.

Celebration Calendar

Our Global Celebration Calendar helps us keep track of holidays and celebrations from around the world so we can acknowledge them in our own way and be inclusive of our global workforce. The calendar includes events like Juneteenth, Kings Day in the Netherlands, Equal Pay Day, and many others!

Day of Learning

The Day of Learning is an opportunity for our company to come together and spread education and awareness about topics that impact us both at work and in society. In 2020, our Day of Learning was focused around anti-racism. We brought in speakers, organized discussion groups and held guided meditation sessions.


Our employees, customers, and hackers are spread across the globe and supporting and empowering them is a vital part of who we are as a company. Community is our commitment and our strength.