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Meet The Newest Member of the HackerOne Team: Stepto, Director of Hacker Success

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At HackerOne we believe in the power of the research community as an effective way to harden any attack surface. Encouraging, promoting and protecting security research has been integral to our mission since day one. As a key next step in fulfilling this commitment, we are thrilled to announce that Stepto has joined the HackerOne team as the Director of Hacker Success.

Merijn Terheggen, CEO, HackerOne

Why HackerOne, from Stepto:

My security career truly began one late January morning in 2003 as I was barreling down Interstate 5 in Seattle. My little Jeep was in a shambles, I was in the middle of having a new car stereo installed, when word came over the radio that a worm known as "Slammer" was disrupting Internet service worldwide. At the time, I was the newest member of the Microsoft Security Response Center, the group responsible for investigating and resolving security vulnerability reports from the security researcher community.

"My first week in security and a bug in SQL server software frikkin' melted the Internet!"

My name is Stephen Toulouse, but you may know me by my Internet nickname, Stepto. I've been enthralled by the technology industry for over two decades, doing everything from development, technical training, customer support, and over the last dozen years or so I've been committed to security and communities. My time at Microsoft showed me first hand the important role security and the research community plays in every aspect of computing. I'm thrilled to be joining HackerOne as the Director of Hacker Success and for the opportunity to again work with the extremely talented global researcher community.

What the world is a "Director of Hacker Success?"

At HackerOne I am excited to engage with hackers, security researchers, and developers who are finding and reporting issues on HackerOne - I am here for you! Let's find better bugs, learn together, grow our community, make the Internet a safer place (and yes, get paid, if you're into that!).

Growing up with the personal computing industry, I've always defined a hacker as a person who comes up with creative solutions to solve difficult problems. A hacker uses his/her expertise and passion to achieve results. Hackers optimize code for performance, finding new ways to squeeze power out of hardware. Hackers made computing more stable by thinking of ways to isolate rogue programs or create more resilient code. Hackers found ways around the rule box, not just because they could, but because doing so often helped make the entire environment better in some way. As we rely on code more than ever before, the role hackers play is increasingly important, and that is why I joined HackerOne.

It's time we shared our knowledge so that even those who never thought of themselves as security minded can apply their skills and be rewarded for it. I know there is tons of great work here to be done, addressing the needs of existing researchers and expanding the population of new ones.

I Want to Hear From You

I'll have more to say on these topics soon as we begin to execute on some interesting new plans. I'm excited to get started, and it starts with you. Drop me a line at stepto@hackerone.com and tell me what you think, what you want to see, and what motivates you.

Let's get started. :>


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