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Better, Stronger, Safer

  • May 28th , 2014

For the past year, we've been busy pursuing our passions and building HackerOne. We're excited to share a little more what we've been up to, what's next, and how we hope you can be a part of our mission.

History has shown us that all technology contains vulnerabilities and that the public plays a crucial role in discovering these vulnerabilities. Hackers routinely use their talents for the common good by uncovering severe threats and ensuring that they are addressed before consumers are widely affected. Disclosure should be safe, transparent, and rewarding for all involved.

But as many of you know, that isn't the norm today. There is a disturbing lack of trust and consistency with how people report vulnerabilities and how organizations respond to them.

HackerOne aims to improve this situation by helping organizations create effective vulnerability disclosure and response programs that rebuild trust between security researchers and vulnerability response teams.

We're convinced that we must dramatically change how the world handles security research if we have any hope of advancing the state of security. We built HackerOne to empower the world to build a safer internet.

Today we're announcing some amazing support in our pursuit of that mission.

First up, we're incredibly pleased to welcome Katie Moussouris to the team as our Chief Policy Officer. You may know her from her work at Microsoft and Symantec and with ISO. Katie has dedicated much of her career to the support of security research. She'll oversee HackerOne's vulnerability disclosure philosophy and work to further legitimize and promote security research among organizations, policy makers, and legislators.

Next, we've found a fantastic partner in Benchmark - early backer of Twitter, Uber and Yelp among others - to support us as we take these next steps. Bill Gurley has joined our board to help share his vast experience in empowering communities.

Last but not least, John Hering, the founder of Lookout Security, has joined our board. John has been a longtime advocate of security research and shares our passion for enabling that community to flourish.

If you believe in building a stronger internet, please get in touch as we expand our efforts and our team. If you are responsible for keeping a product or service secure, we'd love to show how you can directly benefit by being supportive of the security research community. If you are a security researcher, please find something you're passionate about and break it (gently). We can rebuild it. We have the technology. Better, stronger, and safer.

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