Ask Us Anything! Thurs 25th August 2016

Aug 22 2016

UPDATE We had a blast at the AMA! Check out the full dialogue on Reddit!

This week on Thursday 25th August 2016 at 9am Pacific (see other timezone times here) we are hosting a Reddit AMA with Mårten Mickos, CEO, and Jobert Abma, co-founder, of HackerOne, as well as other members of the HackerOne team.



As Mårten and Jobert say in the video above, we really want to encourage you to come and ask any and all questions you like. This could include questions...

  • ...about encouraging hackers to hack popular products and services.
  • ...bug bounties and how they work.
  • ...the HackerOne platform, features, and what the future holds.
  • ...about security, privacy, the Internet, and anything else.

Joining is simple

On Thursday 25th August 2016 at 9am Pacific, look for a link to the reddit thread on our Twitter account and then simply go along and ask your question.

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