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Updated Hacker Invitations: Hack more, hack better

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Hello hackers!

We’ve rolled out some changes over the past few weeks to make it easier for you to manage the invitations you receive on HackerOne.

In product notifications for invites

Emails are no longer your only way to find and respond to your invites! Our handy notifications corner now also pings you for new invitations.

invitations 1

Viewing all your pending invites

We’ve added a new Pending Invitations page dedicated for you to find all the programs you need to decide on. This will better remind you to not miss that 7 day deadline for accepting an invite. Check out your pending invitations now!

pending invites

Seeing your invitation on the program profile

Read up on what program you’re going to participate in before saying yes! You’ll be able to see the full program policy and also the program’s responsiveness metrics, so you can make a fully informed decision to join the program or not.


If you decide that you’re not interested in participating in this program, you can decide to decline the invitation, and we’ll give you a questionnaire so that you can let us know your reasons why the program was unattractive.

And you’ll want to fill out the questionnaire because when you do, we’ll give you priority for another invitation so you can find a program that might be a better fit. Read more about this below!

Leaving programs

Sometimes after looking into a program, you realize it’s not a program you’re interested in participating in. When this happens, you’ll get the option to fill out a questionnaire on why you’re leaving, and after providing your feedback, we’ll also put you as a priority for future invites.

leaving programs

Introducing: Priority invitations

When you decline an invitation to a private program, or leave a private program, we will place you at the top of our queue for a new program invitation.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Decline an invitation, or leave a program you are currently part of

  2. Fill out the questionnaire telling us why the program was not a good fit

  3. You will see a green banner on your pending invitations page, letting you know that we have you slotted in for the next invite getting sent

pending invites

  1. Voilà! You will get a fast-tracked invitation, normally within a day.


Opportunities abound

HackerOne has hundreds of private, invitation-only programs, and we’re adding more constantly. With updated hacker invitations, you can hack more and hack better. Get notified easier, quickly determine whether a program is the right fit for you, and get fast-tracked invitations when you give us valuable feedback.  

Let us know what you think and happy hacking!

This feature was brought to you by Evan, Fern, Ivan-A, Lars, Nicole, Pei, Rory, and the HackerOne Team.


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