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Introducing The Updated Documentation Center for Programs and Hackers

 |  Stacy Spiva

Want some steps on how to get started on HackerOne, learn more about a feature, or see what’s changed or new in the product? We now introduce docs.hackerone.com! This is the new site that hackers and programs can go to to better understand and use HackerOne.   


For the last 4 years, articles about new features and answers to common questions have been posted on HackerOne’s Support Help Center page. With the new doc site, the old help center information is more readable and stylistically consistent.


The site is broken up into 2 books - a Hacker book and a Program book. The information in each book is tailored to each specific audience. When you search for a topic in the search bar, if the article is found in both books, you can select which book you’d like to view the article in.



Not sure what book you’re in? We’ve designed the site to match the look and feel of the product, so just look for that pink bar and alt-gray coloring on the top nav navigation bar to confirm what content you’re viewing.



In addition to revamping docs about how to use the product, we’ve started implementing a monthly product changelog so that you can see all the new features, updates, and bug fixes for that month.


Editing Feature

As all the articles on the docs site are open source and on GitHub, all readers can suggest and make changes in the form of pull requests on GitHub. We’re open to your feedback! Learn how to make suggestions here.

This is just the beginning of the docs site! There’s still lots of new articles to be written and we look forward to your suggestions! We’ll be actively working on the site to enhance the documentation to help you better understand and use HackerOne.

Special thanks to Lars, Feb, Arice, Reed and the HackerOne team.


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