You’re processing more data and pushing more code while trying to reduce risk and protect your brand. Criminals aren’t slowing down, yet your security efforts are limited in resources, scale, and budget.

That’s why organizations across financial services, government, e-commerce, and more are all embracing hackers to help them overcome these limitations while improving security.

In this guide for those new to bug bounty programs, you’ll learn:

  • How bug bounty programs work, their flexibility and scalability, and how they easily integrate with existing security and devops processes.
  • Who hackers are, how they work, and why they’re recommended by leading companies, global government agencies, and industry groups.
  • How hackers can replace traditional penetration tests while maintaining compliance and delivering an ROI of up to 600%.

Download your copy of this comprehensive guide to bug bounty programs and get started on the path to hacker-powered security today.